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BLUETTI AC200P Power Station Solar Generator + P200D 200W Solar Panel

by Bluetti
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BLUETTI AC200P Power Station Solar Generator + P200D 200W Solar Panel


  • 2,400 AC Output / 3,600W Power Lifting Mode
  • Capacity: 2,304Wh
  • Expandable Up To 4,096Wh with 1×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300 (6,348Wh with 2×B210, not yet available, stay tuned )
  • 0-80% Recharging in 45Mins with 2,400W AC Input
  • 1,200W Max. Solar Input
  • 6 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/AC+Solar)
  • Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App via Bluetooth & WiFi


When you're out there on the open road in your trusty RV, the BLUETTI AC200P L is your go-to choice. With a hefty 2,304Wh-8,448Wh capacity and 2,400W continuous
output, it can handle just about any gadget you've brought along, making your RV feel like a home away from home.

What's new with the AC200P L? It's all about leveling up - faster charging, more power, less noise, and smarter controls. Whether you're off-road or off the grid, it's your reliable sidekick. And back at home, it's your backup power source.


AC200P L is perfectly compatible with B210P, B230, and B300 expansion batteries. So you can customize the capacity to an incredible 8,448Wh. Making the full
potential of limitless power has never been easier.


With the D40 Voltage Regulator*, a DC-DC battery charger exclusively designed for RV, you can directly charge the 12V house batteries in your RV via AC200P L, solar panels, or starter batteries. Thus, the essentials in your mobile home, such as the mini fridge, air conditioner, and tire pump, will be backed by sufficient power source.

Product Specifications

BLUETTI AC200P Power Station Solar Generator + P200D 200W Solar Panel Product Specifications


  • Capacity: 2,304Wh
  • Cell Type: LiFePO4
  • AC + DC Input: 2,400W Max.
  • Charging Temperature: 0°C-40°C / 32°F-104°F
  • Discharging Temperature: -20°C-40°C / -4°F-104°F


  • Power: 2,400W in total
  • Voltage: 120VAC
  • Current: 20A
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Car Port*1: 12VDC / 10A
  • USB-A *2: 5VDC / 3A, 9VDC / 2A, 12VDC / 1.5A, 18W Max.
  • USB-C *2: 5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 20VDC, 3A; 20VDC, 5A
  • 48V DC Port *1: 48VDC / 8A

AC Input

  • Voltage: 120VAC
  • Current: 20A Max. 
  • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • UPS Switching time: 20ms


  • Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 420mm x 280mm x 366.5mm / 16.5in x 11in x 14.4in
  • Net Weight: 28.8kg / 63.5lbs
  • Certifications: UN38.3, UL, FCC, IC, CE, ROHS, TELEC, PSE, RCM, LOA, ICASA

What's In the Box?

  • 1 x AC200P L Portable Power Station
  • 1 x DC Input Cable
  • 1 x Solar Charging Cable
  • 1 x Car Charging Cable
  • 1 x AC Charging Cable

BLUETTI 200W Solar Panel Product Specifications

Power: 200W 
Lamination: ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
Cell Efficiency: Up to 23.4%
Voltage at Max Power(Vmp): 20.5V
Current at Max Power(Imp): 9.7A
Open Circuit Voltage(OCV): 26.1V
Short Circuit Current(Isc): 10.3A



Standard MC4 Connector
16.1lbs (7.3kg)
23.2 × 89.2in (59 × 226.5cm)
23.2 × 24.8in (59 × 60cm)
Operating Temperature:
14-149℉ (-10-65℃)
Best Working Temperature:
77℉ (25℃)
Cable Length:
118in (3m)
12 Months (Enter to learn more about BLUETTI warranty policy)

Product Manual

Bluetti AC200 PL Solar Portable Power Station Product Manual

BLUETTI 200W Solar Panel Product Manual

Product Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty Period

BLUETTI warrants that the product will be free from defect in workmanship and material to the original consumer purchaser.
The warranty period starts on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser,

  • For the product of portable power station, the warranty period varies from 24 months to 72 months.
  • For the product of home backup system, the warranty period varies from 48 months to 60 months.
  • For the product of solar panel and accessories as cable, charger etc, 12 months is provided for the warranty service.

No warranty for gifts product and Warranty period may vary by country subject to local laws and regulations.
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Warranty Statement
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2. Unauthorized modification, repair, dis-assembly or operation not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals;
3. Purchased from unauthorized resellers;
4. Use for special application other than normal consumer use;
5. Lost, stolen or full refunded product;
6. Any defect or damage caused by exposure to excessive heat, cold, liquids or other external causes;
7. Invalid proof of purchase;
8. Warranty period expired
9. The battery model on the warranty certificate does not match the actual item;
10. Unauthorized alteration on the warranty certificate;
11. Product wear and tear through the usage of time.

Return and Refund

  • Order Cancellation:

Order Cancellation can be requested by customer within 48 hours after placing an order by email or phone with the BLUETTI official store. If the product has been shipped, an intercept fee will be charged.

  • 30 days money-back guarantee will be automatically credited to your order.
  • For more details, please click here.

Claim Process

  • Please contact us via Email: , Monday through Sunday, for any assistance with the product.
  • For any warranty claims, service performed by BLUETTI or local authorized service partner, subject to the options below:
  • Repaired by BLUETTI service center, or
  • Swap for a replacement product with equivalent specifications according to model and service life
  • In case of replacement, a refurbished model of equal value may be provided and the delivery of the replacement will be arranged within 7 business days (subject to changes caused by force majeure) after confirming the defective item has been received at BLUETTI warehouse.
  • A swap product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product or thirty (30) days from the date of replacement, whichever is greater.
  • For any out of warranty claims, please priorly contact BLUETTI service for more details.

Warranty Extension

  • The warranty extension is now only applicable for the model of AC200MAX, AC200P or B230 purchased from BLUETTI official website with protection against damage without service fee.
  • Any purchases of the four models from other platforms are required to submit the application for extended warranty by the link below:

Disclaimer of Implied Warranties 

This limited warranty is in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties, including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or use and any implied warranty of merchantability otherwise applicable to BLUETTI portable solar generators. BLUETTI and its affiliated companies shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits. There are no warranties extended other than as provided herein.
This limited warranty may be modified only by BLUETTI. Any implied warranties allowed by law shall be limited in duration to the terms of the express warranty provided herein. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You also have other rights from state to state. BLUETTI’s only liability shall be the repair or replacement as stated above.

    Product FAQs

    BLUETTI AC200P Product FAQs

    Q1: What is the difference between the AC200L and AC200MAX?
    1. Output power: 2,400W for AC200L, while 2,200W for AC200MAX.
    2. Max. Input: 2,400W (AC + DC / Solar) for AC200L, while 1,400W (AC + PV) for AC200MAX.
    3. AC200L has lower noise level ≤50dB .
    4. AC200L requires no external charging adapter for AC charging.
    5. App Control: AC200L supports Bluetooth and WiFi, while AC200MAX only supports Bluetooth.

    Q2: How many expansion batteries can I connect with the AC200L?
    AC200L + 2*B210 = 6,348Wh;
    AC200L + 1* B230 = 4,096Wh;
    AC200L + 2* B300 = 8,192Wh.

    Q3: Can I connect third-party expansion batteries to AC200L?

    Q4: Does AC200L support App control?
    Yes. Once connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, the BLUETTI App enables you to control the AC200L remotely, like switching the working mode and upgrading the firmware.

    Q5: Can I use AC200L as a UPS?
    Yes. Within 20ms switching time.

    Q6: What kind of solar panels should I choose for AC200L?
    Open Circuit Voltage: 12-145V
    Input Power: 1,200W Max.
    Include MC4 connectors.
    Highly Recommended:
    6x BLUETTI PV120: ≈3.5hrs.
    5x BLUETTI PV200: ≈2.5hrs.
    3x BLUETTI PV350: ≈2.5hrs
    * For reference ONLY.

    Q7: Can I connect two units of AC200L together for more power (240V Split Phase Bonding)?

    Q8: Is the AC200L power station waterproof?
    No. So please do NOT store it in a humid environment for a long time for optimal performance.

    Q9: Can it charge and discharge at the same time?
    Yes. It supports pass-through charging.

    Q10: Can I charge or discharge AC200L in sub-zero temperatures?
    You can charge the AC200L to power your devices in cold weather, but avoid recharging it below freezing. The temperature ranges for AC200L are:
    Charge: 0-40℃ (32-104℉);
    Discharge: -20-40℃ (-4-104℉);

    Q11: What appliances can AC200L work well with?
    Add up the total wattage of your devices and ensure it doesn't exceed AC200L’s rated 2,400W.

    Q12: How long can it run my device?
    Running time = Battery capacity × DoD × η ÷ Device rated power
    DoD refers to Depth of Discharge and η is local inverter efficiency. For AC200L, DoD and η are 95% and 93%. If you run a 1,000W microwave oven with it, the running time will be:
    2,048Wh × 95% × 93% ÷ 1,000W ≈ 1.81hrs
    Note:1) The formula is NOT suitable for inductive loads with compressors, like refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.
    2) The above data is for reference ONLY.

    Q13: What is the maximum input of the BLUETTI AC200L?
    2,400W via AC outlet and solar panels simultaneously.

    Q14: Can I lay on its side to save space?
    No. this may damage the internal structure. Please keep it upright during storage or moving.

    Q15: Can I hot-swap expansion batteries to AC200L?

    Q16: Is it possible to replace the built-in battery?
    No. If the battery pack is faulty or even dead, please contact BLUETTI Support for further assistance.

    BLUETTI 200W Solar Panel FAQs

    Q1. Is it waterproof?

    A. Yes. IP65 is rated for junction box. Do not expose the solar panel to rain or snow.

    Q2. Can I install it on the roof?

    A. No.

    Q3. What is the difference between the PV120 and SP120?

    A. Under the same condition, BLUETTI PV series solar panels produce more power from limited sunlight.*
    * Conclusion from BLUETTI Lab, for reference ONLY.

    Q4. BLUETTI PV120 compatibility?

    A. Most solar power stations on the market, and one PV120 solar panel is ideal for BLUETTI EB55/EB70S/AC50S portable power stations.

    Q5. How do I choose solar panels for my solar generator?


    • Review the PV input requirements of the solar generator.
    • Review the output specifications of solar panels.
    • Calculate the total voltage, current, and wattage of solar panels.
    • Consider the solar input connectors.

    Q6. Can I use different size solar panels?

    A. No. Your solar panels should be the same type and rating from one brand. For example, two PV120 to charge BLUETTI AC200P is acceptable, and one PV120 + one SP120 is unacceptable.

    Q7. Does the panel have any USB ports you can directly plug into?

    A. No. BLUETTI PV120 only has MC4 connectors.

    Q8. How do I maximize the efficiency of solar panels?

    A. These steps will help you get the most out of your solar panels:
    1. Set up your panels correctly: The orientation as well as the angle it tilts at should be right.
    2. Avoid shadow areas: Any amount of shadow will affect solar panel production.
    3. Keep your panels clean: Dirt or debris reduces the panel’s efficiency.
    4. Don’t get panels too hot: Good air circulation or a cool atmosphere around panels will help.

    Q9. Can AC200 MAX be recharged with solar panels and wall outlet simultaneously or dual AC adapters?

    A. Yes

    Q10. Is the solar charge controller mode MPPT or PWM? 

    A. MPPT

    Q11. What should I do when using it?

    A. It is recommended to not have any cover when using.

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