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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people who travel and live off the grid by providing them with the tools, resources, and products they need to live sustainability and self-sufficiently. We believe in the transformative power of sustainable living, where individuals have the freedom to live independently, reduce their environmental impact, and experience a deeper connection with nature.

Our store is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products -- from solar power systems to sustainable green solutions and overlanding gear. We curate a selection of reliable and innovative solutions that enable our customers to thrive wherever they are.

Discover the joys and rewards of off-grid living with us, in achieving self-sufficiency, reducing environmental impact, and embracing the freedom of living off the grid. Together, let's redefine the way we live and create a more resilient and harmonious world.

Our Core Values

OffGrid Living Solutions is built upon the following core company values:

  • Commitment to Quality and Excellence. We must maintain the high standard in quality, in both the products and services that we provide. When you are committed to excellence, (1) you pay attention to detail,  (2) you are consistent, (3) you are focused on the customer's success, and (4) you think like your customer and delivery what they want.
  • Promise to the Customers. We believe in providing the best customer and user experience. This means putting the customers first, staying true to the words we speak, and acting swiftly on our promises.
  • Passionate. We are passionate about our people, our products, and our service quality excellence. We want to bring the joy and fire to the work and people around us, so that everyone can be creative, bold, and productive.
  • Approach every day with curiosity and continual learning. We believe a culture of humility and continuous learning is the base principle of every successful organizations. We lead with curiosity and actively seek to understand problems and provide innovative solutions. We want to encourage individuals to continually increase skill knowledge, competence, and generate new ideas and perspectives.
  • Accountability. We are responsible for our own actions, words, and results. As a result, taking responsibility for our actions is the utmost importance as it builds trust among our team members, suppliers, and customers
  • Execution and Speed. Fast value is considered high value in today's world. We execute our tasks and delver measurable value at a quick pace to ensure that we fulfill our customer's need, without compromising quality and excellence. 


What We Offer

At OffGrid Living Solutions, we are dedicated to helping people transition to off-grid living by offering a wide range of products, including solar panels, generators, batteries, and other sustainable living essentials. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and support to our off-grid community, and to create a positive impact on the planet by promoting sustainable living practices.

We are an official authorized North American online distributor of the best in class sustainability products. This means all our products are shipped from warehouses throughout the United States. We promise to have exceptional response time on all our order placement to ensure your package arrives as soon as possible.

Our Commitments as a Company 

  • Our commitment to the environment. As our top priority, we believe that living off the grid is variable and responsible lifestyle choice that can help reduce our collective impact on the environment.
  • Our commitment to our customers. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. 
  • Our commitment to our partners and employees. Professional development is important for both our partners and employees. We want to build strong relationships and trust among our employees and our suppliers.
  • Our commitment to the community. We want to be the trusted resource for those seeking a self-sufficient and sustainable way of life, and to inspire and empower others to join us in creating a better future for our planet.