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Customer Reviews

Welcome to our Customer Reviews Page, where the voices of our offgrid community echoes the satisfaction and experiences of our valued customers.

Discover authentic testimonials that reflect the heart of our commitment to quality and service. These testimonials aren't just reviews; they are stories of transformed living spaces, empowered individuals, and the embodiment of sustainable and wellness-driven choices.






Based on 204 reviews
Worked fine for less than a year then stopped charging

Purchased and used for about 9 months without issues (tons of firmware updates). Last time I used it during a power outage it worked fine but when the power came back in it wouldn’t charge off of AC or solar. Now going on 70 plus days with zendure trying to get repair or repacement as it is still under warranty. Just know when you buy this, you also get terrible customer service, maybe the worse I have ever had. I am starting to doubt they will fix the issue and regret not buying from a more reputable company.

Great addition to my sauna set up just so I can monitor the temperature inside. Prompt customer service and fast shipping.

I set up the whole kit and they are performing really well. Highly recommend this soalr kit if you're planning to go off-grid solar. This kit can power my 3 bedroom home. OFFGRID LIVING ROCKS!!

decent plug to charge my ICECO. Nothing is special but shipping was fast

good durable flooring. They are very tough and perfect base for laying on gravel.

I bought this sauna heater from OffGrid Living and so far I have no regrets. The heater is providing an amazingly HOT sauna experience for me. I normally like having a really hot sauna experience and this really elevate the experience. Best feature about the sauna heater is it's ability to control the setting wirelessly. I can set the sauna heater on and let it warm up before I head into the sauna.

I needed a 10kW solar inverter and this satisfied the power needs for my solar set up. I have no complaints, issues, and problems with the inverter.

Everything is ready to go and it's perfect for our backyard space. I can't wait to hop into this after work everyday! Very high quality hot tub and it shipped very fast! GREAT PURCHASE :D

Got a solar kit for my cabin project. Most affordable solar kit on the market. Highly recommend. No issues so far after I installed it.

Excellent system. Installed this system and it worked flawlessly so far. Highly recommend!

great value for these solar panels. Shipping was quick. Got them after 5 days, installed them in 1 hour.

Huum rocks! This heater gets hot and its goddamn gorgeous. Best feature is the WiFi capability and being able to control the heat from afar. 5 star review!

Great fridge at a competitive price. I love that the APL55 can change between single and dual zone functionality. i can remove the inner basket and insulated divider to make space for all my cans. Also huge improvement over the JP50 in that power inputs were on the rea instead of behind the lid opening section. Game changer.

Glacier portable fridge is simply amazing :) Everything is going well so far with this product. The battery can function over night while keeping everything inside in a cool temperature. Great product. Two thumbs up!

Hi Robert, we are glad that you enjoyed the EcoFlow Glacier. It is also Tony's (one of our staff) favorite product on our store and he always bring it out to outdoor occasion.

Thank you so much for the superb customer service team here at OffGrid Living Solutions, espescially Arnold. He was very knowledgeable and patient in helping me find a solar kit that fits my cabin. I got everything set up now and it's functioning as I intended. I'm happy with this purchase.

Hi Donald, we are happy to hear that you got your solar kit installed without any issues. Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything else from us.

Needed a replacement sauna controller. Ordered this item and it shipped very quickly. Easy installation

Beautiful high functioning safe. Love the fact that it's built in the US and knowing that I'm supporting American manufacturing. My favorite feature is that shelving system is fully adjustable so I can accomodate the safe with any configuration that I desire. Great Purchase!

Hi James, we are glad that you enjoyed your purchase of the Browning US49. Keep your goods safe :)

The saunum air 10 is very good at keeping the heat evenly dispersed. We used to get cold feet whenever we use another sauna heater but the saunum is really good at blending its heat and making sure that it's spread out thoroughly in the room.

IT DELIVERS RAPID SAUNA HEAT. It gets really warm in the sauna whenever, I turn this on. Love the classic curve design of this sauna heater.

Good product and light tent for my truck. Very functional and easy to set up. The only issue is that it's a little tight and small for two people.

I ordered these two trays at OffGrid Living Solutions. Shipping was quick and it arrived in 5 days. Great tray to fit in the XL system

WE SIMPLY LOVE THIS HOT TUB. The build quality is amazing and it looks amazing in our deck. With a little bit of wood, this hot tub can get hot really quickly. The support team was amazing and supportive in answering questions that we had. SHOUT OUT TO TONY!!

Great battery for my kayak trolling motor. Mostly use this to charge my go pro, lights, phone, and all essentials. I love that it's not that big (33lbs), perfect to haul around. Would recommend to other fishermen or kayaker.

Easy to set up solar kit. Fast and free shipping. Got it in here in 7 days for me to start my project...

I've primarily use this generator to shows as I need to charge my essentials when I am performing on stage. Battery life is very good and it can last me about 2 shows before I need to recharge it again. This power station really helped me perform on-the-go!

Hi Rick, we are happy that you were able to use the Zendure to power your essentials during show performance. Good luck to you and your future shows!