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Customer Reviews

Welcome to our Customer Reviews Page, where the voices of our offgrid community echoes the satisfaction and experiences of our valued customers. Discover authentic testimonials that reflect the heart of our commitment to quality and service. These testimonials aren't just reviews; they are stories of transformed living spaces, empowered individuals, and the embodiment of sustainable and wellness-driven choices.






Based on 106 reviews

I got the medium size Harvest Right Freeze dryer and it is perfect for our home. We are able to build up and preserve our food storage for the winter. The food quality is really good and it's able to retain the quality over time. My personal favorite is rehydrating apple slices because they taste like baked apple pie instead of crispy fresh apples. The only annoyance with this device is that it gets pretty noisy. Overall, I'm happy with this product :)

Hi Kristie, we are happy that you enjoy your Harvest Right purchase. Enjoy making and storing fantastic recipe with this machine!

This sauna rock works well. No issues.....

This bike arrived a perfectly packaged box. I've been researching for an electric hunting bike for quite some time and this product absolutely meets what I need. I took this bad boy for a few rides the moment I got my hands on it and BOY am I loving it. Riding this bike inthe back country is such a thrill. Great bike!

Hi Peter, I'm glad that you enjoyed your Bakcou Mule and now you're exploring the back country riding. Enjoy your hunts!

I like this sauna heater. It's simple and intuitive to use. I plug it in and it works

Wished that I could set the timer to more than 60 minutes to heat it up without the need of going back into the sauna to control the time. Overall, the installation and setup were easy.

This power station suprised me in every way. FIRST: it was well built and works immediately out of the box. SECOND: Operating it was very simple. THIRD: The Solar is working as intended and I use it every day. My FAVORITE reason is that it is VERY VERY quiet. This is the best power station that I have used and I would love to expand with another battery in the future. Thank you!

Hi Tom, we are happy that you enjoyed your Anker Solix F2000 and how it made your life easier!

Great product, but even better customer service

The customer service team at OffGrid Living Solutions was superb. I noticed in my track number that the shipment was going to the wrong way and notified the team. They immediately resolved the issue and got the shipment to my house. I love the new power station and solar panel when it arrived at the door. In the shipment, I also noticed that the warranty card and clips were not available. The customer service team got back to me and sent new clips for the missing parts as well as provided details on how to get the product warranty. Thanks Tony for following up on this and I truly appreciate all your help. It's so great to do business with a such a professional and caring company!

Hi Maria, we are happy that you got your package and everything that you need to have your Ecoflow Delta running!

This solar generator from anker is the Best

I used it for camping and it worked great. Awesome product and can't believe how quiet and efficient it is. I love the transition from a gas generator to a solar generator and I can power all my essentials with electric. Not only do I save on money for gas/propane, but I am saving time from getting those materials from the store. With the solar panels, I can have unlimited power. LETS GO OFF GRID!!!

Hi Brenda, we are glad to hear that you replaced your gas generator with a solar generator :)

Fusion Box works fine

This product is used to connect two Bluetti AC300 for split phase function. Easy to plug in and use. No issues when I connect the AC300 together

Hi Ronny, thanks for leaving us a review on the Bluetti AC300 Fusion Box

Ideal Power station AC180P

I was in the market for a power station that has enough power and capacity to power my fridge and some essential appliances at my house. I come upon this power station from OffGrid living Solutions and I have been using it since. It has enough power for a longer period of time and has multiple ways to charge (AC/Solar Panels). This station is perfect in size and comes at an affordable price. Thank you OffGrid Living team and Bluetti ....

Hi Jonathan, we're so happy to hear that you enjoyed your purchase of the Bluetti AC180P!

great electric bike

Very happy with the product. bike works very well and intended. The product was shipped quickly and arrived at my house in 5 days. Excited to ride it every evening.

Hi Jeremy, we're glad that you are happy with the Eunorau FAT-HD. We hope you have many amazing adventure with this bike

Great System to Grow food for the Family

We bought the 3 tier Rise Garden system and it's been a staple for the family's meal. All the vegetables that we grew on here ended up replacing all the produce that we normally buy from the store. We rarely go the grocery store now because of this. The only issue was that it took a while for the product to ship to us (almost a month, because of back stock). Overall, we are happy with the Garden and great product to introduce someone to hydroponics!

Hi Jamie, we are happy that you enjoy your new garden and were able to save on your grocery bills. We're sorry that you had to deal with the shipping delay!

Beautiful piece of furniture

This furniture/garden fits perfectly in small home. It was easy to set up and I was able to get the plants connected into the system within 30 days. Platnts are slowly growing at the moment...

Hi Jon, we are happy that you enjoy your EVE. Can't wait to hear back when it's time to harvest!

Easy to set up Solar Kit

Good solar kit invement and responsive support from the Offgrid living Solutions customer support team. I went with this kit because I wanted to build my off grid home. The only negative is that connector between the solar panels are a little short, so you're forced to only connect the panels via series. I'm normally used to connectors being long as you can space out the solar panel setup. You will need to get solar extension cable between the solar panels if you want to connect the panels together.

Hi Jeff, we are glad that you liked your solar kit investment! We hope you can find extension cable to space out your solar panels and we are here to help you find some!

I like this Inverter

This inverter is very well built....also very high quality. So far it has performed flawlessly.... happy with my purchase.... hoping this purchase last forever

Hi Jakob, we are happy that you enjoyed your purchase of the 3000 W inverter. We wish that this purchase can last you a long time and power your essentials.

Medium Black Home Freeze Dryer

Love this unit and happy with the investment. Great to preserve and store food for the long term. YOU CAN FREEZE DRY ANYTHING WITH THIS!!! We freeze dried hummus so we can eat in 2 months later after we returned from vacation and SURPRISED!! It was able to retain the flavor and taste of the hummus.

Hi Rohan, we are happy that you enjoyed your Freeze Dryer. We wish you can continute to store more food and preserve them for future meals!

Great Power In a Compact Size

I purchase this power station as a small compact back up for simple things around the house or when I camping off the grid. The build quality and looks for this power station are amazing. I usually use it to power outdoor lights and my phone when I am out for the weekend. Great product, great brand (Anker) and great customer service (Offgrid Living solutions)

Nice Portable Fridge

Fast Shipping and great portable fridge. It comes with the battery so you can take this fridge on the go. Easy to Use and assemble.

Freeze Dryer Works Great!

This freeze dryer was great to save on the vegetable and produce that we grow from the garden. This machine is working great. The Offgrid Living Solutions team was great and prompt with any questions that I had about the freeze dryer. It took us sometime to learn how the settings worked for each products. The instructions are clear and easy to use. We have freeze dried apples, oranges, kale, herbs, big leaf lettuce, and even dog food!

Hi Sarah, I'm glad that you were able to freeze dried so many of your produces.

Great Garden!

I absolute love my 2 Level Rise Garden. This garden was my first introduction to hydropnic gardening and it's been the best experience. The garden was easy to set up, the app had great features, and maintaining the garden was effortless. The only issue was the shipment of this order took a long time. However, the OffGrid Living team was very responsive and also threw in some discounts because the shipment took so long. I highly recommend the Rise Garden to everyone!

Hi Travis, great to hear that you've enjoyed your purchase of the Rise Garden!

Great product from Anker

I bought this Anker 767 as an upgrade for my 251, which is an good unit as well. I was looking for more power and outlets and this system is the perfect fit for it. It last all night long with many hours available to charging. I usually bring this along with me to work outside where keeping all my equipment charged is very important. I love my experience so far with the Anker 767. The only issue is this power bank is HEAVY. Hauling it around can be inconvenient at times. Overall, I love this purchase, the system can fast recharge very quickly and it's worth my investment. Thumbs up for Anker.

Hi Brad, we are happy that you enjoy your purchase of the Anker 767. Great to hear that you bring it everywhere to keep your equipment charged!

Bluetti AC 180 is great as a lightweight charging experience

I purchased this primarily to power the essentials in my camper. This includes running my fridge full time, recharge my phone and occasionally running my laptop. This station can power all of these appliances for hours at a time. Great solution for portal travel where you need to charge you essentials and work on the go!

Hi there, we are glad to hear that you're able to power your work on the go with the Bluetti AC180

Got a Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Great value and quality! This whole unit is heavy and I had to get help to have it assembled. I've tried many recipes with this machine, from freeze drying pineapple, tomatoes, potatoes, fish, full chicken breast, hamburger buns, whole soup, and even raw eggs. The unit has a touch screen and it's easy to use. I am very happy with the purchase and double thumbs up for Harvest Right! Only bad issue was it took 2-3 weeks for this product to ship.

We're happy to hear that you're able to cook so many recipes with the freeze dryers!!

Great infrared sauna!

Perfect sauna for both of us! Especially after a long strenuous workout! Help relax my muscles and joints! The bluetooth capability is a plus for me :D Great and prompt customer service from the OffGrid Living Solutions Team.

We're happy to hear that you found a sauna that is perfect for you and your partner!

Such a quality sauna heater

My wife and I love this heater for our sauna. We love the automatic feature of the heater where it turns off once the optimal heat level is reached. Sturdy and durable product, especially for anyone looking to install one on their saunas

Hi, we are glad that you and your wife are able to enjoy the sauna heater! Enjoy your sauna experience