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Halo Essentials Griddle Kit

by Halo
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Halo Essentials Griddle Kit


Round out your new HALO Elite griddle with the Essentials. Discover the Elite griddle essentials kit from the pros at HALO. This set has everything you need to get started- but trust us, there’s nothing basic about these tools.

Your griddle starter tools are designed to go hand-in-hand with your HALO Elite griddle and play nicely with all griddles. Enjoy premium construction, a perfect hand-feel, and signature design touches that compliment your griddle.

All designed in-house by a company you trust with your griddling experience.

We’ve brought excellence to the essentials by focusing on performance, strength, and versatility. Just like our full griddling collection, we pride ourselves on tools that work for all kinds of home cooks. And with our years of experience in outdoor cookware, you can trust in the quality of our cooking equipment.

This is a griddle starter set befitting of even the most seasoned griddling pro. Get ready to up your griddle game with our Elite griddle essentials kit. With it, your next cookout is sure to be a breeze.

A 5-piece griddle essentials kit focused on performance, strength, and versatility

Our griddle essentials kit includes: (1) Spatula, (1) Scoop Spatula, (1) Squeegee Scraper, (1) Squeeze Bottle, and (1) Blade Spatula.

  • Each utensil features thick-gauge stainless steel construction for durability and strength
  • Patent-Pending Squeegee Scraper has a 5in wide scraper edge and squeegee on the backside
  • Scoop Spatula has a side wall for simple serving, tossing, or moving food
  • 27oz squeeze bottle with pressure release valve
  • All handles feature magnetic backs for easy attaching to any metal surface.

Product Specifications

Halo Essentials Griddle Kit Product Specifications


    Product Manual

    Halo Essentials Griddle Kit Product Manual


      Product Warranty & Returns

      Halo Product Warranty

      Effort and pride goes into every product that earns the Halo badge. Consumers should REGISTER MY HALO via QR Codes or on upon receipt to activate a 5-year warranty. Should any order arrive with missing, defective, or damaged parts, please immediately contact our customer service immediately.

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      Manufacturer warrants to the original consumer-purchaser only that this product shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials after correct assembly and under normal and reasonable home use for the periods indicated below beginning on the date of purchase.

      HALO carries warranty against defects and workmanship on all parts, components not covered below 5 Years PERFORATION, MANUFACTURING, AND MATERIAL DEFECTS ONLY
      Electrical Components 1Year
      Paint 1Year

      Manufacturer reserves the right to require that defective parts be returned, postage and or freight pre-paid by the consumer-purchaser for review and examination.

      Please retain a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your warranty. You may be requested to send in a copy of your receipt to confirm any warranty requests.

      The original consumer-purchaser will be responsible for all shipping charges for parts replaced under the terms of this limited warranty. This limited warranty is applicable in the United States and Canada only, is only available to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. The manufacturer requires proof of your date of purchase. Therefore, you should retain your sales slip or invoice. Registering your product is not a substitute for proof of purchase and the manufacturer is not responsible for or required

      to retain proof of purchase records. This limited warranty applies to the functionality of the product ONLY and does not cover cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, corrosions or discoloring by heat, abrasive and chemical cleaners or any tools used in the assembly or installation of the appliance, surface rust, or the discoloration of stainless-steel surfaces. Paint is not warranted and will require a touch up. RUST is not considered a manufacturing or materials defect.

      This limited warranty does not reimburse you for the cost of any inconvenience, food, personal injury, or property damage.


      1. Shipping cost, standard or expedited, for warranty and replacement parts.
      2. Service calls to your home.
      3. Repairs when your product is used for other than normal, single-family household or residential use.
      4. Damage, failures, or operating difficulties resulting from accident, alteration, careless or negligent handling or operation, use by minor’s misuse, abuse, fire, flood, improper installation or maintenance, installation not in accordance with electrical or plumbing codes, or use of products not approved by the manufacturer, or use of products not permitted under federal, state or local law, regulation and code.
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      8. Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to the product.
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      Disclaimer of Implied Warranties and Limitation of Remedies

      Repair or replacement of defective parts is your exclusive remedy under the terms of this limited warranty. In the event of parts availability issues, the manufacturer reserves the right to substitute like or similar parts that are equally functional. Manufacturer will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages arising from the breach of either this limited warranty or any applicable implied warranty, or for failure or damage resulting from

      acts of God, improper care and maintenance, grease fire, accident, alteration, replacement of parts by anyone other than Manufacturer, misuse, transportation, commercial use, abuse, hostile environments (inclement weather, acts of nature, animal tampering), improper installation or installation not in accordance with local codes or printed manufacturer instructions.


      The manufacturer’s maximum liability, in any event, shall not exceed the purchase price of the product paid by the original consumer. NOTE: Some states do not allow an exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so some of the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights as set forth herein. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. For purchases made in the state of California only, if refinishing or replacement of the product is not commercially practicable, the California retailer selling this product will refund the purchase price paid for the product, less the amount directly attributable to use by the original consumer- purchaser prior to discovery of the nonconformity. In addition, in the state of California only, you may take the product to the retail establishment selling this product to obtain performance under this limited warranty. If you wish to obtain performance of any obligation under this limited warranty from Manufacturer, you should write to:

      Halo Products Group LLC 850 West Park Rd Elizabethtown KY, 42701

      Consumer returns will not be accepted unless a valid Return Authorization is first acquired from the Manufacturer. Authorized returns must be clearly marked on the outside of the package with an RA number and the package is shipped freight with pre-paid postage. Consumer returns that do not meet these standards will be refused.

      Product FAQs

      Halo Elite Product FAQs

      1) What type of steel or material is the griddle surface made of?

      Hot Rolled Steel

      2) How do you season the griddle?

      Seasoning your griddle is an essential step in maintaining its non-stick surface and preventing rust. Here’s how to season your griddle:

      1. Wash the griddle with warm, soapy water: Use warm water and a mild soap to clean the griddle, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
      2. Dry the griddle: Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry the griddle completely.
      3. Apply a thin layer of oil: Use a high smoke point oil, such as vegetable, canola, or flaxseed oil, and apply a thin layer to the griddle’s surface. Make sure to cover the entire surface, including the edges.
      4. Heat the griddle: Turn on the heat to medium-high and let the griddle heat up for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the oil to penetrate the metal and create a non-stick surface.
      5. Repeat the process: Once the oil has been absorbed, turn off the heat and let the griddle cool. Apply another thin layer of oil and repeat the heating process. You can repeat this process several times, depending on the griddle’s condition.
      6. Wipe off excess oil: Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe off any excess oil. The griddle is now ready to use.

      It’s essential to season your griddle regularly to maintain its non-stick surface and prevent rust. Depending on the griddle’s usage, you may need to re-season it every few months or as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

      3) How do you clean out the grease container?

      The grease cup should be checked often and cleaned out after each use. 

      1. Make sure the Griddle is no longer hot before removing the grease cup

      2. pull out the spring loaded knurl knob

      3. rotate the handle back to empty the grease cup

      4. Clean out with a paper towel or rag and dispose of oil.


      4) How can I remove the cast iron griddle top?

      1. Remove the JJ hooks located and stored at the bottom back of your griddle.

      2. hook the JJ hooks into the holes on either side of the griddle plate and slowly lift until the plate is free.

      3. Once done you can use, the JJ hooks to place the griddle plate back in and store the hooks at the bottom back.

      5) How do I know my griddle is under seasoned?

      There are a few signs that your griddle may be under-seasoned, including:

      1. Food sticks to the griddle: If food is sticking to the griddle instead of sliding easily, it may be an indication that the surface is not adequately seasoned.
      2. Uneven cooking: If the griddle is not seasoned correctly, it may result in uneven cooking. You may notice that some parts of the griddle cook faster or slower than others.
      3. Rust spots: If you see rust spots on your griddle, it means that the seasoning layer has worn off or is inadequate, leaving the metal exposed to moisture and air.
      4. Dull or matte appearance: A properly seasoned griddle should have a shiny, glossy appearance. If it looks dull or matte, it may be an indication that the seasoning layer is not adequate.

      If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to re-season your griddle to ensure that it’s ready for your next cooking session.

      6) How to prevent rust?

      To prevent rust on your griddle, it’s essential to take proper care of it by following these steps:

      1. Season your griddle: Proper seasoning creates a layer of protection that prevents rust and also helps with non-stick cooking. Season your griddle after every use or as often as recommended by the manufacturer.
      2. Clean and dry your griddle after every use: Moisture is one of the leading causes of rust. Wipe your griddle clean after every use and dry it thoroughly to prevent any moisture from settling on the surface.
      3. Store your griddle in a dry place: If you store your griddle outside, make sure it’s covered or protected from rain, snow, and other elements that can cause rust.
      4. Use a protective cover: If you plan to store your griddle for an extended period, consider using a protective cover to protect it from moisture and other elements.
      5. Use a rust inhibitor: Some rust inhibitors are specifically designed for griddles and can help prevent rust from forming on the surface.

      By taking these simple steps, you can prevent rust from forming on your griddle and ensure that it lasts for many years of cooking enjoyment.

      7) How do I level my grill?

      In order to get even cooking and no oil pooling, make sure your griddle is level before using.

      1. Your griddle comes with its own leveler to make this process easier for you.
      This is located on the front of your griddle.

      2. Place the leveler on the griddle plate. and adjust the feet using the knobs on the bottom, until the surface is level.

      3. Wrench is included with large griddles to adjust the casters

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