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Mango Power Solar Parallel Connection Cable

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Mango Power Solar Parallel Connection Cable


The Mango Power Solar Parallel Connection Cable connects solar panels in parallel to a Mango Power E power station.

In the Box

Solar Parallel Cables ×2

*Note: This product is exclusively for the Mango Power E portable power station; only available for sale in the contiguous United States.

Product Specifications

Mango Power Solar Parallel Connection Cable Product Specifications


Product Manual


Product Warranty and Return Policy


1.1 Purpose
This policy aims to improve your after-sales experience and standardize processes in order to provide high-quality and efficient services.

1.2 Applicable Customers
Applicable customers are those who have purchased NA/US Mango Power product(s) and request after-sales services directly from Mango Power in this region. If there are eCommerce platforms, sales channels or customers who have promised different after-sales policies with the following description, please contact your place of purchase to implement your warranty.

NA Region Scope: The Contiguous US

1.3 NA After-Sales Service Contact Information
NA customers can reach Mango Power through the following methods:
General Questions: +1(510)726-0166 Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM (ET)
Technical Hotline: +1(510)405-4633 Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM (ET)
E-mail: support@mangopower.com

1.4 Product Series

Mango Power E mPanel Pro Solar Panel 200W(18V)
E battery mSocket Solar Panel 200W(36V)
Mango Power Union mSocket Pro Solar Panel 200W(72V)
30A Fast Charging Cable Solar Parallel Connection Cable

*Table updated March 2023
This limited warranty policy only applies to Mango Power's products purchased in North America through official channels.


Warranty Period
2.1 Warranty Period of Products

Category Warranty
Mango Power E 60 months
E battery 60 months
Mango Power Union 36 months
mpanel Pro 36 months
mSocket 12 months
mSocket Pro 12 months
30A Fast Charging Cable 12 months
Solar Panel 200W (18V) 12 months
Solar Panel 200W (36V) 12 months
Solar Panel 200W (72V) 12 months
Solar Parallel Connection Cable 12 months

*Mango Power E CATL Battery Cell - 10 Years Warranty
Battery Cells have a 10-year warranty, provided they are maintained and used under normal use and storage. If the Battery Cell has any failure caused by non-personnel within 10 years, Mango Power will provide a completely free repair service. (Note: The BMS circuit board and LED light board in the Battery Cell do not belong to the 10-year warranty, and still follow the standard 5-year warranty).

*Table updated March 2023
**For the Mango Power Union series Indiegogo backers, Mango Power offers an exclusive warranty period based on campaign commitment.

2.2 Warranty Period Determination

a. Valid Proof of Purchase:
The following proof of purchase documents are required when customers claim warranty from Mango Power:
1) Orders placed on mangopower.com: Sales invoice, order confirmation email and logistics information that clearly show the description of the product, price, sales channel, sales date and delivery date;
2) Products purchased from other channels: Valid purchase invoice, logistics evidence, or order number(s) confirmed by Mango Power customer service team;
b. Warranty Start Date:
1) The warranty period begins the day your product is received at your delivery address.
2) Most Mango Power products have a warranty that exceeds 12 months. If you cannot locate shipping information to prove your warranty start date, we will default to a 30-day shipping time from your date of purchase, with the warranty starting 30 days after purchase.
c. Defect Reporting Date:
Whether or not your defect is covered under warranty depends on the date you report your defect. The defect reporting date can be from one of the following methods: Phone contact date, support email date or in-app report date, the earliest of which shall be considered your defect report date.
d. Unconditional Return Period:
You can return your product unconditionally within 30 calendar days of receiving your product provided it was ordered on mangopower.com in the contiguous US.
e. Warranty Repair Service Period:
According to the above-mentioned warranty table in section 2.1, products under warranty that do not meet the requirements of refund or replacement can request a warranty repair service. f. The replacement product or parts will either inherit the remaining warranty period of the original product, or be given at least 3 months warranty, the longer period shall prevail.

This limited warranty policy only applies to Mango Power's products purchased in North America through official channels.

Return. Refund & Replacement Services

3.1 Unconditional Returns Policy
a. Unconditional returns policy only applies to orders placed on mangopower.com in the US region; customers can request a return within 30 days after receiving the product;
b. For products purchased from other channels, Mango Power does not accept unconditional returns. Please contact your purchase channel first;
c. For unconditional returns, customers can request a refund after confirmation with Mango Power customer service.

3.2 Requirements of Refunds & Replacements
a. For products and all accessories, no man-made damage is found;
b. All accessories and parts need to be sent back to Mango Power with the main product;
c. Parts and accessories should be securely packaged for return delivery in order to ensure good condition and to prevent damage during transportation.

3.3 Product Returns Process
a. Send an email request to support@mangopower.com with the product delivery information.
b. Our Service Team will determine whether your order is eligible. After confirming your order is eligible, they will give you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and provide you with a prepaid return shipping label (label to be determined by the support team). They will also provide instructions on how to properly package the product to return it safely. Do not ship the product until you have received the proper safety directions on how to ship the product. You must clearly mark the RMA number on the package and include your proof of purchase date with the product;
c. Mango Power will process your return request according to the return policy.
d. Please do not return the items without the RMA confirmation from the Mango Power Service Team. For returns without confirmation, the refund or replacement may not be processed;

3.4 Policy of Refunds & Replacements
a. For returns of US orders and if the product is in good condition, we'll charge a transaction fee + shipping cost. If there are quality issues with your product, we will give you a full refund or a one-time free replacement;
b. After Mango Power receives your refund request, we'll issue the refund within 14 business days after we receive your product. We will then notify you by email once your refund has been processed. If you don't receive the refund after 14 business days, please contact support@mangopower.com;
c. After Mango Power receives your product replacement request, we'll send a replacement product within 7 business days of receiving your product.

3.5 Refunds & Replacements may not be provided when:
- The refund/replacement is requested after 30 days of receiving the product.
- The product is returned without confirmation by Mango Power customer service team.
- Legal proof-of-purchase, receipts, or invoices are not provided, can’t be found, or are reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.
- A product sent to Mango Power does not include all the original accessories, attachments, and packaging, or it contains items damaged by the user.
- Evidence is found of damage caused by collision, scorching, or unauthorized use or modification of the product, including exposure to moisture or water, entry of other foreign items (including but not limited to oil, sand, etc.) or improper installation or operation of the product is found.
- Product labels, serial numbers, water damage marks, etc. show signs of tampering or alteration.
- Damage is caused by uncontrollable external factors, including fires, floods, high winds, lightning strikes, or traffic accidents.
- The product has not been sent back to Mango Power within 15 calendar days after confirmation from Mango Power.
- Other circumstances that are not stated in this policy but Mango Power has sufficient proof to refuse.

This limited warranty policy only applies to Mango Power's products purchased in North America through official channels.

Product FAQs 


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